National Art in Foreign Hands

Deborah Jeong, IS - Political Science '21 In the enormously popular Marvel film, Black Panther, the question of national identity and pride is explored at great lengths. A scene that stuck with me was the scene in which the antagonist is stealing a priceless artifact from a British museum. When told by the curator that … Continue reading National Art in Foreign Hands


On Cultural Appropriation

Hector Guzman - IS-Sociology, ‘19 This Spring, my social media was flooded with pictures and posts about the age-old high school tradition that is Prom. While it has been years since I even attended Prom, it is mostly the same experience—a one-night-only affair where the popular and not-so-popular congregate together and dance (or jump erratically) … Continue reading On Cultural Appropriation

Mystical Island

Dylan Losee, Political Science - International Relations, '21 Corsica is a Mediterranean island of misty, shrubby hills with one-lane roads winding their ways through forgotten pastures. Seaside cliffs dominate the coast, occasionally giving way to sloping beaches and chic French getaway towns painted in a flurry of pastels. Farther inland, run-down barns linger on the landscape … Continue reading Mystical Island

Immigration and Education in the Trump Era: A DACA Perspective

Nickolas Emilio - Political Science, '19 The life of a student can often be stressful. College students today are tasked with pursuing academic excellence while trying to juggle work, their social lives, and extracurriculars. Prospects for even the best students can be dismal as they vie for positions in an increasingly competitive job market in … Continue reading Immigration and Education in the Trump Era: A DACA Perspective