The Alumni Mentorship Program is scheduled to launch at the beginning of winter quarter ‘17. Below are more details on the program.

Mission Statement

The International Studies Student Association’s Remote Alumni Mentorship Program is designed to connect the UC San Diego International Studies alumni community with current undergraduate students. Given the diversity of interests held by the members of the International Studies community, this program offers opportunities for students to be matched with alumni on the basis of shared interests as well as career and professional goals. Members who are accepted into AMP will have the opportunity to foster the development of a network of professionals that is rich in knowledge, expertise and collaboration via communication through email and skype.

Why Join?

    • Mentors:
      • Share knowledge, experience and advice with undergraduate students seeking to prepare for life after UC San Diego
      • Network with fellow International Studies alumni
      • …there’s no better way to give back to the International Studies community than to invest in a current student!
    • Mentees:
      • Connect with an alumni selected to suit your professional interests
      • Receive guidance on academic and professional goals
      • Improve professional skills: communication, networking, career-planning and more

Eligibility and Guidelines 2017-2018

The International Studies Student Association’s Alumni Mentorship Program is designed with active members of ISSA at UCSD in mind. Students interested in receiving mentorship who are not currently ISSA members are asked to demonstrate active membership in ISSA. For more on active membership, see the membership page under the About Tab.


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