ISSA Executive Officers 2017-2018



Natalyn Pow, President

Natalyn Pow is a third year international student studying Political Science and Communications. If she could, she would be studying all the fields under social sciences with a bit of film studies thrown in. This summer she interned at San Diego Diplomacy Council, a non profit that connects SD community and business leaders with their counterparts across the world to share best practices in tackling global issues. During her second year, she engaged in a Research Apprenticeship where she worked with a doctoral candidate to explore the consequences of political information that is socially transmitted.  Growing up in Shanghai and finishing high school in Hong Kong, she is incredibly thankful for the people and cultures she’s met. Outside of school, she is involved with The Rock Church and Triton Television. If she had unlimited free time, Natalyn would be surfing, watching indie movies, and learning about people’s stories. She is excited to get to know you and alongside learn and grow with the ISSA community.


Sophie Osborn, Vice President

Sophie Osborn is a fourth-year International Studies-History major with a minor in Japanese Studies at Eleanor Roosevelt College. This past year she studied at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. While abroad, she had the opportunity to travel to Thailand and Malaysia on an academic tour focusing on local and international NGOs, as well as experience interning for a semester with the international think tank the Japan Forum on International Relations. Last year she was also a part of a student-run program called the Korea-America Student Conference (KASC), where she served as the American Vice Chair working alongside Korean and American university students to plan an academic and cultural exchange oriented conference. For her last year, Sophie is planning on completing an honors thesis while encouraging ISSA members to go abroad and expand their learning beyond UCSD.


Caitlyn pic

Caitlyn Khuu, Director of Administrative Affairs

Caitlyn Khuu is a second year International Studies-International Business major from the Bay Area. Besides being ISSA’s Director of Administrative Affairs, she also is involved with the Asian and Pacific Islander Student Association as the Political Action Awareness Coordinator which focuses on social justice and political issues surrounding the API community. This summer she went to Taiwan to study Mandarin. She looks forward to interacting with ISSA members and working towards creating a welcoming environment for them.


Tenzin Chomphel, Director of Public Relations

Tenzin Chomphel is a second year student from Roosevelt College.  He is majoring in International Studies-Political Science, with a minor in Economics. Tenzin is passionate about human rights policy and multicultural dialogue. This past summer, he traveled with the UCSD Global Seminar program across India, where he studied human rights, development, and environmental justice. Tenzin currently interns at the School of Global Policy and Strategy office. In his free time, Tenzin loves creative outlets such as drawing, dancing, and film. He teaches dance to youth through Movement Exchange at UCSD, and works for the Prospect Journal of International Affairs. This year, Tenzin is excited to be expanding the reach of ISSA, and work towards establishing ISSA as a communal hub for International Studies students at UCSD.

Saloni pic

Saloni Dalal, Mentorship Program Director

Saloni Dalal is a fourth-year TMC student majoring in International Studies-Political Science and minoring in Human Rights. During fall of her third year, Saloni studied abroad at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea to gain a better understanding of the dynamic, and increasingly tense, political scene abroad. In the spring, Saloni participated in the UCDC program in Washington, D.C., where she interned with Freedom House, a human rights-based non-governmental organization. In her last academic year at UCSD, she will be a peer advisor for the AIP office and the director for the ISSA Undergraduate Mentorship Program while also completing her honors thesis. Saloni looks forward to meeting every ISSA member and hopes to help students make the best of their time at UCSD.


Jesse Lun, Director of Events Committee

Jesse Lun is a fourth year Communication major from Muir College. Her interest in interpersonal and intercultural communication stems from her culturally-diverse background growing up in Hong Kong, Shanghai and being a transfer from the Bay area before coming to UCSD. You can find her at every Passport to Culture event on Thursday afternoons! Outside of school, her hobbies are cooking, reading, camping, doing puzzles, and Pilates. After graduation, she would love to work for international education organizations as she is passionate about cultural exchange and cross-cultural understandings. Drawn by the power of digital storytelling, it is also her goal to work for a digital media platform like Watchcut, Jubilee and Buzzfeed. In her last year, she hopes to continue meeting and growing with people and learning about their experiences and ambitions. She also looks forward to being a part of ISSA to help enrich students’ college experiences and prepare them for post-grad life!


Tina Oliva, Director of Membership

Tina Oliva is a third year student studying International Studies – Economics after having transferred from Foothill College with an associates degree in Political Science. Raised in the Bay Area and the Central Valley, she was first inspired to help people during her time as a tractor driver when she learned about the difficult lives of labor workers while working beside them. She has since been involved in her community by helping pass an ordinance to ban smoking in public parks within her hometown and distributing supplies to the homeless. While attending community college, she spent a month in the Philippines implementing educational projects as a part of her international microcredit club. She has also served as a bilingual assistant for Harder and Company Community Research and assisted the Family Engagement Institute whose goal is to provide higher educational opportunities to low-income families. In her free time, she likes to rock climb, watch animated films, and explore new cuisines. Inspired to help people, she is pursuing an education in international and economic development in hopes to work for the public sector or nonprofit organizations.

Daniel Carnahan, Strategic Support


 Daniel Carnahan is a third year Political Science-International Relations major with a minor in Economics. He currently serves as the Revelle Senator within Associated Students and is an active member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. Daniel previously completed a research assistantship, working with Professor Despasato to study the development of social capital in group and individual settings. And he is currently in preparation to begin a second research assistantship with an emphasis on studying the international political economy. Last summer, he worked as a research intern with Service Technologies, an artificial intelligence startup focused on developing automated customer service.This year, Daniel is excited to enhance the quality of ISSA events by bringing more engaging and thought-provoking events and programs to the ISSA community.