Refusal to Feed Can Be Revolutionary

Janell Ingersoll, International Studies – Economics ’18

Becoming more aware of world-wide events has been my new favorite pass time.  It is simply shocking to me how little the American news covers outside of the world; while yes, America is a rather large nation, the culture that fosters selfishness is reflected onto the news as well.

While abroad last summer, my news feed was still mostly from other American citizens.  To my surprise much of the news was ignorant of the rest of the international news that was headlines across countries at that time.  While Americans were up in arms about Colin Kaepernick not standing for the national anthem, North Korea launched missiles at Japan and the German government found another undetonated bomb buried under rubble in Berlin.

The US makes it almost impossible to keep up with international news, and understanding the deeper connections to breaking news is completely out of the window.  Maybe this is why Donald Trump, a presidential candidate of 2016, was unaware of Britain’s appeal to leave the EU (commonly known as Brexit).  With such increased globalization, society still lags behind the minimized trade barriers. It was not until Brexit actually succeeded that the American public became more aware of what Brexit really was.  Even with the increased press, all any citizens got out of the global coverage was that it was time to vacation in London now because the Pound had dropped value significantly.

Alright, so everyone can go on tangents about how broken society is, simply because there is no perfect society in any nation.  So what can we, as readers, do about the lack of awareness in our country? The media feeds off of attention so if less people are watching or reading about what Hilary Clinton had more lunch and more concerned about Brazil impeaching their president maybe the news reporting world will get a hint and evolve into a platform for important international, and domestic, news. If the citizens instead chose to feed the news their attention to important world news then maybe the journalistic world will be revolutionized.


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